Our Top 10 Tips to Plan Your Wedding

August 5, 2019



Thank you for reminding me that my wedding day is all about myself and my partner, not my parents, friends, and other relatives that I have as guests. I’ve been stressing about my bridal gown recently because I’m not sure if it will be liked by the people who will attend the ceremony, but your article had encouraged me to just choose whatever I like. I’m also planning to undergo laser hair removal since I’ve always wanted to wear a tube mermaid dress for my wedding and the least thing I can do is to make my armpits presentable.


Hi Zoe!

Thank you so much for your comment! We are super happy if we were able to give you the support and encouragement you needed regarding your wedding! We are super passionate about that subject and we truly feel that people need to get a bit more “selfish” on their wedding day and put their foot down on decisions that makes them happy ! I’m sure you will look amazing in your dress because if you love your dress you’ll be glowing and feeling super confident and people can feel that! Wishing you and your partner an amazing wedding day!

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. Trust me! I wanted to have the best wedding of my choice without any outside interference. And this blog gave me the insight. The tips are written so well that I used most of them. It is a practical blog that every person planning a wedding should read.


Wow thank you so much for saying that! We truly want everyone to have the wedding day they truly want and to help them anyway we can to get there!
Planning a wedding is definitely not an easy task, it’s super challenging and can be super stressful! I’m glad if we could have help you a bit in the process!
Love Alison & lance

Hire your vendors. Go to bridal shows and research online. Reviews are an excellent way to see previous brides experiences with the vendor you are looking into.
Thanks for such useful tips!