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So now you’ve seen our work and love it enough to consider us as your wedding photographers (Yayyy! *HAPPY DANCE!* ) and you are probably at the point of “OK, their work is great but can we afford this?”
Yes, budget is important. Especially for an event that has so many vendors involved. We TOTALLY get it and that’s why we do not charge based on what other photographers charge but just enough for us to be able to keep our wonderful business alive. Being a photographer is probably the best job on earth but it isn’t without costs (equipment, marketing, website hosting, education, taxes etc) rest assured that every extra cent we make is put towards expanding our business and offering our client the best possible service! We put our heart and soul into everything we create and we truly believe it’s worth EVERY penny if not way more!
Here’s the thing. You’ve dreamed about your wedding for days, months, maybe years and now it is suddenly an imminent reality. You are living that RIGHT NOW! Your emotions on your wedding day will be something like 5 times what they usually are and you’ll be surrounded by soooo much love! You’ll want it all captured and documented FOREVER. You’ll want the photos to do justice to everything that made your day so precious. Not only the vows, but your father’s look when he sees you in a wedding dress for the first time, your mom’s tears as you say “I do”, the laughs, your bestie’s weird dance moves, the relative who might’ve been a wee bit too sloppy, etc etc. Those connections between friends and family celebrating the love you and your partner share are where the true value of your wedding lies. Therefore the value of the photographs is in how well they capture that. Our job is to make sure that all the time, creativity and financial efforts invested in your wedding day are never lost. Our opinion is the more spent on your wedding the more the investment put into a professional photographer is worth it! Not only to you, but also your children and grand children. We also consider them when creating our work. As the days, months, and years go by, these photographs will gain more and more value compared to what you’ve invested.

Weddings Start at 1750€

Weddings between 60 and 200 guest located in Europe.
If you wish to invite all your family and friends to celebrate your love, this is for you!

All offers includes 2 Photographers and photos delivered on an engraved wooden USB

Intimate Weddings & Elopements start at 1350€

Weddings under 60 guest and elopements.
For the adventurous, unconventional lovers. The ones who wish for the intimacy of a small celebration.

All offers includes at least 1 Photographer and photos delivered on an engraved wooden USB.

Couples & Engagement Sessions start at 250€

For the couples madly in love wishing to have an epic shoot and tons of wonderful photos to decorate their home or use on their "Save the Date" cards.

Includes 1 or 2 photographers, a 2 hour session & an average of 50 to 80 edited photos in full resolution.

Family Portraits start at 250€

Because love is everywhere. Because your family is everything to you. Because your kids grow up so fast. Because you're a proud mama and papa!

Includes 1 or 2 photographers, a 2 hour session & an average of 50 to 80 edited photos in full resolution.

"Investing in the memory of your love

in the eternal archive of your story. Your legacy"

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