From our story to yours





plays a big part in our life, meditation, astrology, soul connection...

We often say we are the "big belly" family, BASICALLY we love food and that shows!

we often joke around or act ridiculous that's just how we roll



Animal Lovers

fitting in the mold of society is just not us and we are ok with it

In photography & In life we want to be as authentic as possible

We love all earthlings so damn much we decided to be vegan

Our story

Hi! We’re Alison & Lance, a French/American couple crazy in love.

We met in Paris during our photography training at Speos, the International Photography Institute of Paris. We were pretty lucky to learn from one of the top 5 photography schools in the world, but the real luck was finding each other.

Fate seemed to always bring us together and we became inseparable. When the program ended, instead of Lance returning to the US, we naturally moved in together.

You might wonder

what lead us to specializing in Elopement Photography & Videography

And just like that, we understood our WHY

we realized what was underlying the core of our passion

Guiding couples to the wedding day they deserve

the one filled with the core values of marriage and their love for eachother


In that moment we KNEW we had to offer this precious gift to our couples. Give them the FULL package

Ready to meet us?

Cause we can't wait to meet you!



She's 27 , french, Gemini, twin, Enneagram 2, empathic, happy, romantic, open minded, creative, vegan and perfectionist.
 She cares about people, love and respect. Committed and highly emotional you might catch her with a tear rolling down her cheek during your ceremony.

He's 38, American, Airies, Enneagram 7, Kind, Enthusiastic, Generous, Spiritual and Inspired.
 He loves to run around and experiment with his art.
 Always alert and fully in the moment he's a man of the action who will let you know he's got the shoot and you don't have to worry!