Couple Session at the Grand Mosque of Paris

March 6, 2019

Hanging out with Cécile & Jordan felt more like a double date than a shoot!

They truly are beautiful persones (inside and out!) and we feel so lucky we had the chance to meet them! I mean come on look how freaking cool they look together!

And if hanging out with them didn’t make us feel blessed enough than the Grand Mosque of Paris certainly did! It’s like finding yourself in Morocco without having to go on a 2 hour plane. And the spring flowers all blossomed made it look like a magical garden full of wonders.

What we realised from this shoot that it can be hard to get out of one’s comfort zone, meet new people when you get on a certain routin. So one of the true magic of our job is to meet new amazing people and connect with them trough photography on a regular basis!

And so it just hit us! Witout photography we would never have met them. They would not have crossed our path and we feel soooo blessed that they did. Even if life doesn’t really bring us back together, we know we’ll always have this moment, this memory, and great photos to remember it by!

A photoshoot is an experience, a moment shared, with your love one(s), but also with the photographers by your side. So make it count, hire someone you feel is going to male you comfortable, someone who knows what he’s doing mostly who will see you as a PERSON and not only a “model” for his portfolio.