Couple Session in Achill Island Ireland

August 27, 2019

Bethany and James, like us are a wedding photography duo. It had been years since they’ve had photos taken of them as a couple (the last time was their wedding 5 years ago). It was a privilege for us to capture them as they are now, still madly in love and full of passion for their marriage and their business.

Even though social media gets a lot of hate for various reasons, our meeting of Bethany and James was the happy result of us posting an Instagram story mentioning our upcoming visit to Ireland. As James’ family had recently relocated to a beautiful part of Ireland (that doesn’t narrow it down much as that’s pretty much the entire country…) they reached out to us and this photoshoot was arranged. We never would have heard of Achill Island if it weren’t for  Instagram or  Bethany and James. It was an amazing hike with so many beautiful sites. Exploring this place for the first time all together was truly magical.

The moments we’ve gotten to experience with them and the wonderful photos we’ve created to remember them by are priceless. We often talk about giving memories to our clients,  through the experience  AND the photos we deliver. But those memories are shared,  they are precious to us, too. They, also, take us back to all the magical moments we were present for and we’ll always be grateful for everything our creativity and work has brought to us.

Hope you’ll enjoy this series as much as us!

Here it goes …

(Click “play” for maximum ambience)



Ireland is soooo beautiful, you captured them perfectly.

Ireland is so gorgeous! You captured them and its beauty so well.

This couple session is DREAMY! Holy heck, the adventure, their connection… so dang good!

OMG these couldn’t be better. they look like they’re straight out of a movie. Also their dog makes everything that much better.

Wow, these are truly moving! This couples session in Ireland is artwork!

This is soooooo beautiful and you have a seriously incredible ability to capture the couple SO PERFECTLY in a landscape! Not a talent that everyone has. Amazzzzing work!

Wow these are just beautiful! Love the moodiness of the sky and ocean nearby.

OHMYGAWSHHHHH this couple’s session was what my dreams are made of! I can’t believe it! you make people feel so much with every photo!

Oh wow, you’ve totally captured the moodiness of ireland! I am in love with all of these photos. Beautiful work!

Wow can i favorite every photo?! seriously the green, the light the love. GOALS. love it all.