Benbulbin Elopement Adventure Session, Ireland

August 21, 2019

Lisa and Patrick contacted us when they found out we were gonna travel to Ireland to re-do their wedding photos, and OF COURSE we were up for it and accepted this amazing mission to give them the wedding photos they DESERVED!

Lisa send me a few of her wedding photos when inquiring with us and we saw blurry pixelized photos (maybe the photographer lost the original files and only provided Lightroom previews???‍♀️) and felt like we HAD to step up and give them a great experience.

They were so invested in it (well Lisa mostly who drag  Pat’ into it ?) they wore all the things they wore on their wedding day, Lisa had her bouquet redone and it was WONDERFUl!

Not only we had an amazing time but we managed to turn Pat’ set of mind and got him laughing most of the time!

We met so many amazing couples on our trip to Ireland. Actually amazing doesn’t really cover it but that’s all we got right now and we are feeling sooo blessed.

Here are some shots to testify parts of this great experience in Benbulbin Mountain in Sligo