Paris Intimate Garden Party Wedding

July 7, 2019

From the moment I met Imane and Charles I felt we would be a perfect match. They wanted something simple, with no more than 40 people to celebrate their intimate wedding in Paris. They were relaxed, fun,  100% themselves and super crazy about each-other.

It was a cloudy day with some light rain coming down every once in a while, but they kept enjoying their day, taking as it came without worrying too much about it, which isn’t a surprise when you know them! Carpe Diem, am I right?

When I arrived at the hotel they were getting ready. Everything felt right, it felt like the essence of them. Imane was extremely relaxed, with a smile always showing on her pretty face. She was just enjoying her special day and having people taking care of making her extra beautiful. Charles was calm and excited at the same time, and kept asking about Imane.

Then, they had a simple and emotional ceremony at the Paris city hall followed by a garden party. Having only a few intimate close friends there meant there was plenty fo time for socializing and having authentic intimate moments between both bride and groom and between them and the rest of their guests. It was the definition of a stress free wedding. It was beautiful moody cloudy weather for us to photograph in with the ideal atmosphere for a perfect Parisian wedding.

Everything felt right, unpretentious, down to earth and fun, just like them.

And in the end that’s the thing, your wedding day should always be just for you and no one else.

Now, time to let you scroll through and we hope you find some inspiration for your own intimate wedding!