There’s so many photographers out there, why should we hire YOU?
True, there’s thousands and thousands of wedding photographers out there, some that we even look up to and inspire us every single day. Each wedding photographer will bring something different to the table. What we can guarantee you most of all is that you wont just be any other client to us, that we will actually care about you and get to know you. We know what these photos represent to you and how big of a commitment this is. We promise not to be the kind of photographer that just wants to check boxes off his list without caring about the composition, light and how you look. We promise not to be the kind of photographer that leaves at 11:31 when his contract end at 11:30. In other words we promise that you wont be a simple contract to us, but dear friends inviting us to be part of the greatest day of their life.
We will be present every step of the way and make sure no stress is added to your wedding planning when it comes to our services. This is our commitment to you.
We also add that choosing a wedding photographer is something really personal, you have to “click” and be comfortable sharing this day with someone you didn’t know before. So let’s meet, let’s chat and let us prove you we’re up to the task! And if you end up choosing another photographer, that’s ok, not every wedding photographer is meant for you and we encourage everyone to follow their instinct and find the best fit for them, even if it’s not us.
What is your work process?
When first contacting us, you’ll get a fully detailed answer to that question but you'll find listed below a simplify version:
1. We meet, face to face or skype, see if we “click” and discuss wedding details and packages
2. You select the package of your choosing and draw up a contract specific to your needs. We’ll meet again and we all sign it (possibility to do that online)
3. We send you our attentively constructed questionnaire, which will give us all the informations to create wonderful photos specific to your needs.
4. We’ll meet on location for your big day, we’ll be your shadow and follow you everywhere (except maybe to the bathroom ahah), we’ll drool at your beautiful outfit and all the personalised details you have put into your wedding. We’ll cry, we’ll laugh and most of all we’ll snap shots at just the right times!
When can we expect to get our photos?
We make sure to deliver the photos to you within a month, it can seem like a long time but don’t worry, you’ll get highlights photos while you wait!
No matter which package you’ve chosen you’ll receive them on a personalised engraved USB drive in full resolution.
What equipment do you own?
Good gear will never make a good photographer. But as professionals having the best tools to create our art is very important to us.
We have 3 Canon Bodies ( 5d Mark IV, 6D Mark II, 6D Mark I) along with tonnes of magical Lenses ( Canon 85mm 1.2, Canon 70-200mm 2.8, Tokina Macro 100mm 2.8, Canon 16-35mm 2.8, Sigma Art 50mm 1.4 and several others)
We also have flashes, tripods, monopods, reflectors…well you get it, we’re totally covered!
How would your describe your style?
Our style would be a romantic documentary style with a renaissance flair. We consider ourselves to have a dramatic & cinematic wedding photography style.
Do you always shoot together?
Mostly. We really love working together and we really feel like we are two faces of one coin. We totally complete each other in our photography approach/ style and knowledge. Thought it can happen on smaller weddings like elopements and engagement sessions to choose to have just one of us.
Are you married?
Not yet, but stay tuned and you might see it happen!
Do you travel?
Hell yes ! Definitely! Both of our fathers were working for airline companies so we spent most of our childhood traveling across the globe (well Lance beats me by far, but he has few years on me so I call it cheating ahah). For us traveling has always been part of our life and always will be! We can grab a coffee and tell you all about our great adventures and help you plan yours, life is all about that, after all. So send us your dream location for a shoot and let’s make it happen!
Do you give us all the Raw files?
Absolutely not. Ok, so we get that it’s something that may seem frustrating, knowing someone as thousands of pictures of you and to never see them, but trust us. It’s for a good cause.
Raw files are just like an unfinished painting, like someone just drew the layout and that’s it. Now, how good of a painter would I be to just deliver you that?
With our editing we put colours, highlights, contrasts… all Ain the right places making the painting come to life. And rest assured, we can guarantee you we know what makes a good photo. The ones that don’t get delivered are just not up to that standard. We truly believe in quality over quantity, so put your trust in us, relax and we promise you wont be missing out on anything.
How many photos will we get?
The number of photos that will be provided corresponds directly to the time of coverage and amount of guests.
For every package made you chose you’ll have a minimum number of assured photos but we never really count them. We will give you as many photos as we feel are really worth it. Again, quality over quantity, but with the beauty our couples have offered us so far we tend to get quality in large quantity!
Will our photos be displayed on your website/ social medias?
Yes ! We are very proud of every wedding, family and couple we photograph. But of course, if some photos make you uncomfortable for any reason you have the right to let us know and we’ll take care of it!
Do you have special deal we should know about?
Yes! For any booking prior to February you’ll receive a framed 20x30 photo.
We also offer discounts for certain elopements and destination wedding if they take place in Europe (besides France).
I’m really not photogenic, what if I don’t like myself on the photos?
Aaaaah. Be reassured, no one really thinks they’re photogenic (except maybe some models), simply because we’ve mainly seen our face in the mirror all our life and seeing it in a photo is completely different! But you know what helps? A professional photographer! We often tell our clients that even us had family members who tried taking good photos of us and… well it doesn’t really work. Because non professional photographers just don’t know what a good frame is, they don’t have to the timing for when to click and they don’t really see which angles would be flattering and good for the light. So you look at it and … well…disappointment.
Often people think anyone can take good photos, that our photos are only good because we have a good camera. But no. You have to have a trained eye and the good instinct honed by years of experience to know what you’re doing! So let us do the work and when you receive your photos you’ll think “maybe I AM photogenic!”
Posing in front of a camera seems really awkward, will you help us be more comfortable?
Of course. Don’t worry you’re in good hands. In our training at Speos Photographic Institute, we had to regularly pose for our classmates to practice studio and outdoor shoots, so we both really understand what it’s like to be in front of the camera. So let’s put on some music, tell us about the first time you met each other, take some photos, show you how good and cute you both look and enjoy our little adventure!
When should we book you?
As soon as possible!
Is it ok if our guest are making some photos at the wedding?
We really prefer if during the ceremony your guest don’t take any photos. After, at the reception smartphones can fly but we find it’s much nicer for everyone involved if you ask that during the ceremony guest keep their smartphones and cameras in their pockets. They can be fully present to the experience of your union (which is the reason why you ask them there) and our photos can be free of arms with phones attached popping into our frames. You have hired professionals for a reason; to document your day. No need to had blurry phone photos to the record.
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