Eloping: With or Without Guests?

May 29, 2020

1. Eloping with Just the Two of You

Eloping with just the two of you can certainly feel extreme; people might say it’s a selfish decision and tell you you’ll regret not having your family with you on your wedding day.

But in our opinion, your wedding day, you promising your life to another person and committing to go through life as a team, is about you.

Not your family, not your friends. You.

The truth is no one except the two of you are entering into this marriage, you are the one that are going to grow together side by side. Your family and friends will be a part of it of course, but you’ll have your whole life to spend time with them, to meet your loved ones and share moments of your marriage with them.

But the day of your wedding is meant for you, just you. And if that’s called selfish then so be it, if there is one day in your life you should get to be selfish, this is the one. But in the years of photographing and attending traditional weddings, of exchanging with our couples before and after their day, we realized in traditional weddings that pressure often comes from guests. Like asking for that person to be invited, for the wedding being has they envisioned it, for the ceremony being in that church and so on.

Don’t guilt yourself for wanting the wedding you want, even if it means a wedding without guests, because anyone who isn’t selfish and loves you deeply, will be supportive of your decision or come around in the end. We guarantee it.

Sometimes people don’t understand something because they’ve never experienced it. But once you come back with the photos and stories of your elopement day, just the two of you adventuring and embracing every moment of it, you’ll here a lot more of “I should have done that” then you’ll hear “ it sucks I would be so disappointed if I were you”.

Now that we’ve covered why you should take care of yourselves first, let us tell you the top reasons of eloping without guest.

No family drama

Champagne toss on elopement in the DOlomites Italy with boho floral arch

Family dynamics aren’t always perfect, people get divorced, people get into fights and it’s not always pretty.

By eloping solo, you are certain to not have to deal with any drama and you will feel you are in a totally safe space with no stress in the case your family dynamic is a bit difficult.


Including your family in an elopement means you’ll have to take them into consideration for choosing your elopement location and the activities planned.

If just the two of you elope, you can just hop on a plane together to adventure on top of a mountain, ski, take a helicopter, explore… the opportunities are endless.

its just the two of you The entire Day

If you truly want to spend each moment together on your wedding day, be close and present with each other without interacting with other people then definitely go with an elopement without guests.

no filter during your vows

Not everyone is comfortable to open up about their deep feelings or share intimate moments of their lives in front of other people, even the ones close to you. Some things are just about the two of you.

If you wish to be able to express yourselves fully, without cutting parts out that makes you uncomfortable to read to someone else then your partner, maybe you would prefer to elope without any guests.

2. Eloping with family and friends

People often think eloping means no guests, but guess what? Eloping means something totally different nowadays, it’s about taking all the rules and tossing them out the window to keep only what you truly want for your wedding day. It’s about making it about you.

If “you” means having your close ones by your side, go for it!

Forget about the exhaustive list of long lost relatives, or the college friends you haven’t seen in years and barely talk to anymore.

Select the ones that are truly part of your life, and plan an intimate day where you still have the space to embrace each moment of your day, while still having your loved ones to witness this magical event.

Here are the main reasons we think eloping with family is for you:

you just can't imagine getting married without them

A lot of people can’t picture themselves getting married without their parents or other close relatives. The ones you can completely trust, the ones that were here for you two since the beginning of your relationship and supported you no matter what.

if you want to party

Having a party with just the two of you is always possible but it won’t be the same energy as with guests.

If you want to celebrate by dancing and drinking with your best friends then having an intimate wedding with close ones might be the way to go.

TRADITIONS ARE Important to you

Some traditions of a classical wedding might be super important to you like getting ready with your bridesmaids or having your father walking you down the aisle. Having an intimate wedding with a few guests allows you to keep the traditions alive while forgetting about the stress of a large wedding.

Final Notes

In short, on your wedding day, you do you.

And if you aren’t sure of which way to go, why not combine the best of both world? Why not have two elopements?

Why not take the morning together and exchanges some love letters to each other in total intimacy before the ceremony with your close ones in the afternoon?

Anything is possible!

Our advice: sit together with some music and a glass of wine ( or fruit juice if you don’t drink) and discuss with each other your dream wedding, the one without any budget issues, or compromises and then work your way from there to make it a reality!