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Elopement & Intimate Weddings

Let's talk about your dream elopement


Is it just the two of you or do you want your immediate family to join? On top of a mountain or on a beach? Do you want to feel warm and lay in the sun or run around in fresh snow? The sky is the limit!

Secure your date


Choose a package… (Do you want full day coverage? Photo+Video? Photos Only?) then we will just need to decide on a date and location (we can help you decide both if you aren’t settled on anything yet) and make sure your date is fully reserve with a 50% deposit.

Planning your dream elopement


We will be there every step of the way, as much as you feel you need us involved in your project, giving tips, scouting for the most epic off the beaten path location, helping you with a timeline, guidance and recommendations to craft your epic adventure etc…

Have an epic elopement day


This is it! Your dream elopement now turns into reality! We step in when you need us to while giving you the space to live your wedding day freely, and ensuring you are feeling safe to express your feelings to each other. This is YOUR sacred day. Our TOP priority are the moments you experience and making sure at the end you’ve fully lived them the way you intended to.

Relive that epic day forever


You receive your photos and video and relive all those intimate, raw, magical moments together. They will be there for you and your loved ones forever. One small tip? Invite your friends and family to look through them with you and make a great party out of it (and plan on bringing some tissues, you’ll need them ?).

Elopement Myths




Eloping is a low budget choice

Eloping is for anti-social people

Eloping is ill-planned & a spur of the moment decision

Budget isn't necessarily related to eloping. Even though you can certainly reduce the cost of your wedding by choosing to elope, couples eloping often invest a lot on their elopement. They simply decide to spend their money on themselves and what they value the most in their life.

Eloping is about being more intentional about who you include on your wedding day. That can mean including some close relatives or being in complete intimacy with your partner. It's choosing to be more connected to the ones present on your wedding day and to us, that's the complete oposite of anti-social.

Eloping used to be defined as a spur of the moment decision made without any planning involved. Nowadays this couldn't be less true. Eloping couples spend now months planning the most epic adventure and day to celebrate their commitment to one another

What To Expect From Us

Throughout this experience

Selfless and caring approach

We aren't in this business for ourselves. Of course this is our passion and we love what we are doing but what is really important to us is YOU. Photos are important and valuable but what's makes them valuable in our opinion is the experience and memories behind it. This mean you are our top priority, we want you to feel safe, we want you to have fun, we want you to connect together and we'll do anything to make that happen and facilitate the creation of these memories!


Honest Photography

We aren't looking for the fake "perfect" shot. We are looking for the authentic moments. This often means that we will direct you, not pose you, and mostly let you be yourself. Let you have an experience, let you have moments and capture them honestly.


More than photos

Photography is our job, a passion, but this isn't the only thing that defines us. We are first and foremost humans. So we want our relationship with our couple to be just that : humans. This means we love to exchange, connect and give everything that we have to offer. And guess what? Photography isn't the only thing we have to offer! We are also cheerleaders ready to encourage you and assist you in your decisions and the planning process. We are also "spiritual gurus" ready to give you a tarot reading, birth chart analysis or guiding you to ways to connect on a higher level with your partner. We are designers ready to help make your vision come to life. We are friends ready to have a good time together.


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