Hi! We’re Alison & Lance 
We met in Paris during our photography training at the Photographic institute of Paris & London: Speos. One of the top 5 photography schools in the world! (Yes, we were pretty lucky!)
Pretty fast we became a couple. Fate seemed to always bring us together and we became inseparable. When the program ended, instead of Lance returning to the US, naturally we moved in together. We now live together in the 15th Arrondissement of Paris with our cat Milo.
He’s the cutest little monster you’ll ever see, we’re pretty bananas about him, so if you follow us you might see some occasional photos of him sleeping or doing normal cat things that to us are always the most magical things ever. (Is that what it feels like to be a parent?)
With our house full of love, we realised nothing could be better than working with people that, like us, loved each other. Thus, we decided to capture weddings, families and couples.
Lance graduated in photo-reportage with training from the renown Magnum Agency, and I graduated with a major in studio photography, so you won’t find a more versatile couple qualified to meet your photographic expectations.
We’re fun, sensitive, professional, and most of all, reliable, so that you never need have any concerns when it comes time to get the perfect pictures.
No doubt you’ll love us.  As for us, we already love you!

The Story Behind The Lens

This Is Lance

He's 36, American, Airies, Kind, Enthusiastic, Generous, Spiritual and Inspired.
He loves to run around and experiment with his photographs.
Always alert and fully in the moment he's a man of the action who will let you know he's got the shoot and you don't have to worry!

This Is Alison

She's 25, french, Gemini, twin, empathic, happy, romantic, open minded, creative, animal lover and perfectionist.
She cares about people, love and respect. She always makes her friends and family come first and will do the same for yours.
Committed and highly emotional you might catch her with a tear rolling down her cheek during your ceremony.

A little of our story

in pictures

And if you're still not 100%  convinced let yourself be by Marie Claire! 

We were elected favorite address for french wedding photography!  



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