From our love story to yours

You might wonder

what lead us to specializing in Elopement Photography & Videography

This was the moment we understood our WHY

that we realized what was underlying the core of our passion

We felt deep in our hearts that we wanted to guide people to a wedding day that truly feels like them

To a space where they will feel safe, free and fully connected to each other. We decided to make the jump and go ALL IN. At that moment we felt this energy flow through us and we knew we were on the right path, we knew this is where our hearts were all along.

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you might not know about us

It wasn't until half way through our first date that Alison realized she was even on a date


you might not know about us

We are 11 years apart! But nobody can tell cause Lance just looks like a cute baby! I must say I'm feeling pretty lucky I didn't have to wait 34 years to meet the one and I'm definitely happy Lance waited for me and never settled before just because it was "age appropriate".


you might not know about us

We both travel a lot! Actually both of our fathers worked/works for airline companies so we had the chance to travel for cheap! Unfortunately for me (Alison) I turned 26 and family benefits ended so those cheap days are now behind me 😿 buuuut I’m still pretty grateful for those 26 years!

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